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Homewares available in Melbourne that won’t disappoint

The authentic Korean flavour comes when you use the best quality homewares. When in the kitchen, the foundation to layer taste upon delicious taste and make your food the centrepiece starts with the right utensils and appliances. At KT Mart Mall, our appliances give you that perfect taste and make cooking simple, getting your Korean food from the kitchen to the table quickly, so you can enjoy the meal in no time at all.

Try our dumpling steamer

Pick up a Korean dumpling steamer in Melbourne for your next batch of juicy dumplings, to really see what our homewares have to offer you – whether that is a delicious dumpling treat or a carefree cooking experience. You won’t be disappointed when you bite into the soft dumpling wrapper to reveal the rich flavour hidden within the parcel. And it’s all cooked to perfection in KT Mart’s steamer.

You won’t be disappointed with our Korean homewares and steamers. As well as clever styling and practicality, our product ensures that the clean-up is a breeze too – the stainless steel design wipes clean effortlessly after each meal, all ready for you to cook your next tasty feast.

Take advantage of our shopping site, our visit one of our store locations to purchase one of our great products today.