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Korean Cass Can Beer 355ml


Korean Cass Can Beer 355ml Cass was launched in 1994 and is brewed for mainstream beer drinkers looking for different beer taste. Cass is a most distinguished larger beer....

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Korean beer and liquor in Melbourne

Whether it is to enjoy every now and then at home, or to share with family and friends at an upcoming event, if you are looking for the perfect beverage to serve, we have you covered. Straight from Korea to your home, our liquor is packed full of flavour, meaning you can have fun and enjoy the authentic drinking experience.  

As well as our popular refreshing beers, our range of soju and rich rice wines will keep your taste buds satisfied in the Korean style. The perfect accompaniment to match your delicious meals (or by itself for a relaxing after-work drink), our liquors are great for any occasion. Just ask us for our recommendations and choose your ideal drink.  

Why our beer?

Our beers are the favourites of Korean people – walk into any bar and you’ll find a cold bottle of our brews in the hands of a local. Now, with KT Mart Mall, you can enjoy that local experience without needing to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you’re after a simple light brew, a more refined drink, or a more unique hearty beer taste, you’ll find here. KT Mart Mall’s Korean beer in Melbourne is the perfect crisp, refreshing taste.